With billions of marketing workflows, Candidate.ID automates your recruitment messaging, personalised and at scale.

Candidate.ID is the world's only recruiting software that lets you know which candidates are cold, warm and hire-ready based on a real-time engagement score.

By tracking candidate engagement across your entire company digital footprint, Candidate.ID lets you know exactly who's looking at your job board and engaging in your employer brand.

Tired of cold-calling candidates to find out who’s interested in a role? No need, Candidate.ID does it for you.

Cut time to hire by 50%. Double the number of hires per recruiter. Increase engagement of your current database.

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AI & Automation

Software Feature Overview

- Pipeline management - filter candidates based on real-time engagement scores so you know who is cold, warm and hire-ready.

- Campaign builder - build automated recruitment marketing campaigns, hyper-personalized and at scale.

- Automated actions - free up your recruiters time with automated recruitment campaigns and automatic recruiter notifications.

- Candidate tracking and scoring - track candidate engagement across your entire company digital footprint and score actions based on intent.

- Candidate engagement - track candidate interactions so you can engage with candidates who show the most interest in your business.

- Candidate experience - track engagement for all content so you know which messages interest your candidates most.

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