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The top 4 ways you can improve your recruitment branding.

By October 21, 2021March 4th, 2022No Comments

Skill in the digital age is confused with mastery of digital tools, masking the importance of understanding materials and mastering the elements of form.

John Maeda

Recruiters work in two worlds – online, and offline. Mastery of the recruitment craft in our uniquely disrupted new normal has come down to a rebalance of priorities from the analogue towards the digital, and for good reason.

From maintaining social distancing and the reduction in office footfall, to the increase in remote-based roles, recruiters have had to rapidly upend decades of “industry standards” in a whirlwind of change.

This has fundamentally changed how recruiters operate and “sell their wares”. As employers fight a pitched battle against the Great Resignation, front line recruiters are quickly learning that sticking a plethora of digital tools into the hiring mix is not necessarily a hiring balm.

And, faced with a more cynical, more activist and more demanding candidate base, convoluting the recruitment process with unnecessary, digitally based “screening stages” is an arrow to the heart of hiring.

But, the internet is all powerful and recruitment luddites will not survive. The recruitment journey is, certainly from a time and commitment perspective, mostly spent on a screen. But, as John Maeda’s quote above so succinctly highlights, mastery of digital tools does not equate to understanding your craft or mastering form.

By craft and form, we want to make a distinction – your form is your approach to managing and perfecting your “recruitment brand”, and your craft is how you build confident recruitment processes that fit that brand and attract talent.

Your “recruitment brand” sits within and apart from your wider employer brand – each one intimately affects the other, but the key difference is in that single great un-digital element that turns a recruitment journey into a recruitment experience – the recruiter themselves.

Your employer brand is a cultivated, marketable culmination of your brand – your employee stories, your testimonials, your marketing, your hiring process, your client support, your growth, your social media profiles, your industry connections, place and profit.

Your recruiter brand is much more personal – it’s all the above, distilled into the person (or team of people) who literally do the recruitment. Those professionals personify your digital, sales, marketing and product culture into an empathetic, passionate, communicative manager of people, and they’re more than likely the single point of contact for any new hire.

There is zero difference between whether your “recruitment brand” is managed internally, or through an RPO – whoever the person is speaking for your brand has to own this portion of your brand. This is the critical mastery of craft and form we refer to, and it makes all the difference to candidates who demand a reactive, meaningful and fast recruitment process.

Digital tools are just that – tools to help you master the relationships you build as a recruiter. 

So in our analysis, we’ve broken down this mastery of recruitment craft into 4 elements we feel are critical in establishing a post-pandemic recruitment process.

Personal Brand vs Employer Brand

  • Never forget the human element at the core of recruitment. More than ever, candidates are demanding more empathy in the recruitment process, more personality in onboarding, more flexibility in negotiation and more relevant commitments to benefit structures and salary bandings.

  • We appreciate there are always limits to what employers can offer potential employees. But you can commit to providing a human in your recruitment mix.

  • Committing to expanding your recruiter’s personal brands online and in person will only result in better revenue, less turnover of staff, and a much more trusted and advocated service. Don’t even ask us. Ask literally any recruiter if personal branding works.

Reduce ghosting!

  • As we mentioned on LinkedIn, ghosting is a toxin at the heart of recruitment. This report from Tribepad proves it.

  • Don’t let your recruitment processes become so lazy that you forget that every CV in your inbox is a person, reaching out to be treated with a basic level of respect.

Speed of service

  • What’s the number one complaint from candidates about the recruitment process? Bingo – it’s too slow.

  • Here is where tech is absolutely your friend – from automated recruitment CRM to workflow management, applicant tracking systems and integrated platforms, digital tools are literally built to make recruitment faster.

  • But, again we reiterate – make your service faster but keep it human. Don’t automate for the sake of it, and certainly don’t do it if the data shows your candidates reduce their quality interactions with you through automated messaging.

Confront the reality of today’s market

  • Recruitment has gone through the ringer in the last 2 years. Candidates know it, clients know it, and digital tools don’t help you talk about it.

Although it’s basic recruitment practice, building empathy and rapport means finding common ground, and discussing the realities of the market with candour.

  • Your recruitment brand is a tangible, relatable structure for your candidates and clients to revolve around and talk to, so use the market as it is (which is decidedly brutal) to find common ground. Be honest – you can’t be anything else.

The bottom line

Your recruitment brand needs constant monitoring – it’s easy to lose sight of candidate or client perceptions in the midst of a crisis.

Digital tools such as applicant tracking systems and recruitment CRMs are rightly useful and have been literally industry saviours during COVID-19.

But recruitment is still the business of relationships and trust. Job seekers don’t (yet) want to put their entire careers fully in the hands of an algorithm. They want to know whatever digital tools are involved in the process merely augment the person at the end of the recruitment journey.

A quick, responsive process is what you need to attract and engage the best talent.

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