TriSys Business Software

TriSys Business Software Rectec

The TriSys CRM Suite is a state of the art solution for demanding recruitment businesses, based on industry-standard technology.

Modern, easy to use and highly affordable. Available anywhere, on any device.

TriSys offers best-in-class productivity benefits such as single-click navigation, flexible user interfaces, API integrations, Candidate Portals, Client Portals, Mobile Apps, Registration Forms, Integrated Websites and much more, designed to streamline your business processes and maximise your revenue.

The TriSys CRM Suite is your recruitment process Hub.

TriSys Business Software RectecTriSys Business Software RectecTriSys Business Software Rectec

Temp/Contractor Client Portal

Temp/Contractor Candidate Portal

Emailable Timesheets

GPS Check in for Candidate

Live Temps Report

Timesheet Export

Timesheet Management

Data Export functionality

Data Import Functionality

Right to Work document collection

Reference Completion Notifications

Reference Documents

Temp/Contract Payroll Integration

Other Integration Partners

Data Analytics Integration

Chatbot & AI Integration

Background Checks Integration

Testing & Assessments Integration

Video Inteviewing Integration

Online Testing Integration

Other Candidate Apply Options

Other Job Boards

Other Social Channels

Social Media Posting

Demo Request