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Our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of every client, so you can be confident that you will obtain maximum value from Rectec. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion about how we can support and empower your Talent Acquisition or Recruitment operation to achieve its business and operational goals.

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ATS and CRM Comparison Services
Our revolutionary Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment CRM comparison services, are helping organisations around the world to find the best recruitment tech for their needs, for free. LEARN MORE >
Recruitment Technology Consulting

Reviewing and optimising your existing technology solution, to ensure your organisation is obtaining maximum ROI. We also provide expert advice on alternative solutions. LEARN MORE >

Implementation Consulting

Implementing your ATS/CRM solution on time and within budget LEARN MORE >

Project Management

Planning and overseeing your ATS/CRM project to ensure sucessful delivery LEARN MORE >

Process Transformation

Maximising efficiency and introducing time and cost saving process change LEARN MORE >

User Training

Ensuring your users are skilled and confident in using your technology solution LEARN MORE >

Reporting & MI

Turning recruitment data into powerful information LEARN MORE >

Data Migration

Turing Recruitment data into powerful information for your business LEARN MORE >

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Recruitment CRM Consulting

Understanding the Recruitment Technology landscape, and keeping your organisation in touch with the latest time and cost saving technologies, can be a challenging and daunting task. From the most powerful, feature rich Applicant Tracking Systems, to video interviewing, online testing, chatbots, AI and contextual recruitment technologies, Rectec have a wide range of knowledge and experience to support your business. Ensuring that you are providing your candidates with the very best experience is paramount to attracting the best talent in the market. This is often something that gets overlooked. Most organisations will agree that candidate experience is key, especially in today’s candidate driven market, and even more so if you’re recruiting in a particularly competitive space. Rectec provide guidance and expertise to support your organisation’s decision making. From reviewing your existing recruitment technologies, to providing demonstrations and introductions to some of the best Applicant Tracking Systems in the market. Rectec can support your supplier selection process and ensure that you receive honest, impartial advice and expertise. If a new ATS isn’t something you need, we can support you in optimising your existing solution. This will ensure that your organisation is obtaining maximum value in terms of time saving and cost saving efficiencies.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Recruitment CRM Implementation

Rectec are experts at ensuring your chosen solution is implemented on time and within budget. We do all of the heavy lifting to minimise the impact to your organisation’s day to day operation.

Implementing Recruitment Software is at our core. It’s the very best of what we do and it’s an area we have obtained a vast amount of experience over the years. We’ve been implementing recruitment technology for over a decade, and during that time have successfully managed over 60 software implementation projects.

A powerful Applicant Tracking System should sit at the heart of every successful Talent Acquisition function. The time and cost saving automation advantages available here, make implementing an ATS essential for every organisation with a regular need to recruit.

From delivering feature rich candidate portals and strengthening your employer brand, to automating candidate communication, collecting references, scheduling interviews, and pooling talent – an ATS should not be underestimated.

Once you’ve identified the right ATS or Recruitment CRM for your organisation, delivering this to your business in the right way could mean the difference between implementation success and failure. When engaging with Rectec you can be sure of implementation success. Following your implementation, Rectec provide the ongoing support that your business needs to ensure that your ATS or Recruitment CRM remains aligned to your business processes and objectives, for many years to come.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and CRM Project Management

Managing and supporting end to end ATS projects is something we’ve been doing successfully for a long time. Our approach has been fine-tuned through years of experience. We understand that identifying employees to resource a project can be difficult, especially for organisations without a constant need for project staffing. Often the staff that need to be involved in recruitment projects are recruiters. We know that recruiters play an important day to day role in delivering recruitment services and project work can often be a distraction that can impact the team’s ability during the project timeline. At Rectec, we know precisely how to support your organisation in overcoming this challenge. We work to proven, effective project management methodologies to ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget, whilst minimising the impact on your organisation’s recruitment operation.

Recruitment Process Transformation

We work with your Recruitment and HR teams to maximise process improvement, introducing time saving and costs saving process change.

Depending on your type of organisation and the resource you have available, you may never have been fortunate enough to see a detailed map of your recruitment process. If this isn’t something that you’ve had an opportunity to do before, this should be the first thing on your list. It’s the quickest and cheapest way to some potentially large operational victories. Conducting this exercise with technology at the front of your mind is likely to yield a great deal of further benefit.

At Rectec, we combine our process mapping expertise with first hand recruitment industry and HR experience, which allows us to quickly recognise potential weaknesses. We’re equipped to share years of experience and best practice, to support anything from small process enhancements, to full-on process transformation. Being technology experts too, we combine our recruitment technology knowhow to ensure that your recruitment process is seamlessly mapped with your technology configuration, resulting in a rewarding process that you can be proud of.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Recruitment CRM User Training

Implementing a new Applicant Tracking System requires an in-depth understanding of the product in order to ensure its effective use. Our training services ensure that your users are skilled and confident, allowing your organisation to maximise the return on your software investment and minimise interruption to your business.

Rectec are familiar with a range of recruitment technologies and have many years experience of delivering training to System Administrators, HR users and Hiring Managers. Our approach to training users is to design and deliver tailored training material, ensuring delegates are hands on during the delivery, obtaining valuable and practical experience as they learn.

Whatever your recruitment software training requirements, we can help. From delivering onsite training workshops or remote training sessions, to creating beautiful training materials and user guides, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re using a system we’re not familiar with, then we’ll obtain the first hand training we need from your service provider, before putting in place a training plan to suit your organisation.

Reporting and MI

We love recruitment at Rectec and we also love data. So we love to get our hands on recruitment data!

We know how to turn recruitment data into powerful, meaningful and visual Management Information, supporting your organisation to make critical business decisions.

We can support you in identifying the data you need and ensure that this is being accurately captured and analysed in the right way. From time to hire, to recruitment spend, candidate drop-off, candidate source and recruiter efficiencies – there’s a lot of useful information hiding away in your ATS.

Contact Rectec today and we’ll help to bring your data to life.

Data Migration

When changing your recruitment software solution, it’s essential that your valuable data can be migrated to your new solution. Ensuring that the right data is extracted, cleansed, and mapped into your new solution can be a complex task, with multiple parties involved.

Depending on your new solution, this might be a task that needs to be handled by the provider, however, Rectec provide specialist support in this area, with years of experience of migrating data to and from multiple solutions. We’re perfectly equipped to support your needs for one, simple, fixed fee.

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