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Rectec Compare | How does it work? | All You Need to Know Rectec

Rectec Compare, the recruitment tech comparison platform that everyone is talking about! 

It’s completely free of charge, with no catches, and no payment information required…


We’re on a mission to help recruitment and talent leaders worldwide, to procure and implement the right recruitment tech for their business. Rectec Compare is designed for employers and staffing agencies who are looking to identify the best Applicant Tracking System or Recruitment CRM solution for their needs. Following registration, users will be subject to a short qualification call. This takes around 15 minutes, just enough time to setup your account and answer any questions you may have.

Once you’re logged in, it’s quick and easy and we’re sure that you’ll be super-impressed – check out what our clients are saying!

1. Input your requirements…


Our simple user interface makes this quick and easy!

We’ve really got your back here! You can input up to 150 requirements in as little as 15 minutes. The more requirements you input, the more refined your shortlist will be.

It’s good to know exactly what you’re looking for before you start this process. If you need some help with this, tap into our expert recruitment technology consulting services. We offer an online workshop that will open your eyes to what’s out there, and map your process from end-to-end (in real-time) to ensure that no requirements are left uncovered. We’ll even help to tune your process to make sure that you’re operating with optimal speed and efficiency.

Rectec Compare | How does it work? | All You Need to Know Rectec
Rectec Compare | How does it work? | All You Need to Know Rectec

2. Click “Search”…


This is where the magic happens…

Our sophisticated matching algorythm will review all of your requirements, cross reference them against over 180,000 bits of vendor information, and compare every vendor in our platform. Automatically shortlisting the best vendors in the market, based on your specific needs. It’s completely impartial and it’s completely fee-free.

By the way… All of this happens in just a few seconds!

3. Your ATS/CRM vendor shortlist…


Yes, that really just happened…

So, this is the moment where our users say “Wow!” having spent just minutes shortlisting the best vendors in the market. A process with a typical duration of 6-8 weeks.

All matched vendors will be ranked in your shortlist, with their own match score. We’ll highlight any areas where each vendor falls short, and provide you with access to a unique showcase of information for each vendor. Here you’ll find company information, videos, screenshots, features, demo videos, clients, reviews and more…

Sit back and relax. We’ll automatically document your requirements and submit them along with your details to each shortlisted vendor, so they’ll know what you’re looking for and what’s important to you, so you won’t need to keep reiterating the same requirements over and over again during each conversation. This saves a great deal of time and also ensures that nothing gets missed!

Rectec Compare | How does it work? | All You Need to Know Rectec

Evaluate vendor demonstrations…


Optionally, and as part of our free service, in just the click of a button…

When you receive a demonstration from a vendor, simply click “Evaluate” on your shortlist, and we’ll instantly turn your requirements into a simple yet comprehensive evaluation. Using our quick and easy star rating system, we’ll help to ensure that you can perform a fair and consistent evaluation of each vendor. This all comes part of our free service offering.

We’ll add your overall evaluation score to your shortlist too, so that you have all of your feedback side-by-side to support you decision!

Rectec Compare | How does it work? | All You Need to Know Rectec


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