AssessFirst helps businesses find the right people for the right vacancies. Intuitive and fast for candidates – with leading behavioural science and psychometric assessments underpinning the platform – it is ideal for volume hiring and talent development.

AssessFirst uniquely combines assessments of behaviour, motivation and cognitive ability with leading artificial intelligence to give you people analytics that can optimise all key stages of your talent management lifecycle.

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Software Feature Overview

  • Personality assessment. Personality is assessed with our SHAPE questionnaire. It is based on the BIG 5 model (OCEAN model) to predict a person’s naturally adopted behaviours, in both normal and stressful situations. It analyses their scores across 20 personality traits, represented by a radar.
  • Motivations assessment. Motivations are assessed with our DRIVE questionnaire. It makes it possible to identify the situations that have a positive impact on the individual’s engagement, as well as those which are likely to demotivate them. It highlights what the person wants to do, how they want to do it, in what context and why.
  • Cognitive abilities assessment. These are assessed with our BRAIN questionnaire. It allows you to identify the types of problems that the person is able to solve: giving you an insight into ​​their capacity to acquire new skills.
  • Recruitment campaigns. Access complete assessment results for each individual, create recruitment campaigns from a predictive model and discover the most compatible candidates for your vacancy.
  • Predictive hiring with AI and machine learning. Based on a control sample (ie…existing employees) train your assessments to detect key determinants of success in people to recruit based upon data-driven analytics which are proven to increase diversity and performance in hiring.
  • Manager account. Hiring managers are presented content designed specifically for them. Each Recruitment user can quickly share several candidate profiles with managers. Recruiters maintain control over the data and can share private notes and comments at any time.
  • Talent Mapper. Project employees and/or candidates onto behavioural maps and discover the talents – as well as areas to develop – within your teams.
  • Mobility. Identify employees with high potential and to design personalised mobility paths for them, so that they can fully express their talents.
  • Remote Score. This score is an indicator for a person’s most suitable work environment, how they will manage relationships remotely, and how they will manage their work remotely.
  • Affinity. Predict the affinity between two people: two employees or an employee and their manager.
  • Competency Framework. Integrate your skill benchmarks and locate all of your employees or candidates across every skill.

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