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Clinch makes talent acquisition simple. Supercharge your sourcing experience with recruitment tech designed to do the heavy lifting for you. We help global brands deliver powerful employer branding, authentic candidate experiences and game-changing recruiting ROI.

Clinch Recruitment Marketing is an ‘out of the box’ recruitment marketing solution that seamlessly integrates with your ATS, becoming a natural extension of their talent acquisition stack and allowing TA teams to do more with less effort. It combines intelligent careers sites with an easy to use content management system, marketing automation for nurture campaign communications and workflows and candidate relationship management tools to build critical talent pipelines. Underpinned by industry-leading marketing analytics that delivers actionable insights into which channels, content, and talent networks demonstrate the best return on investment.

Clinch Employee Connections makes harnessing the power of employee advocacy simple. Our Q&A platform gives candidates authentic insight into your company culture, helping to inspire values-aligned employees and create an engaging recruitment experience.

It’s time for you to see what happens when you blend the efficiency of automation with personal connection.

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Clinch Rectec
Clinch Rectec
Clinch Rectec
Clinch Rectec
Clinch Rectec

Software Feature Overview

The Clinch Recruitment Marketing Suite is a complete, easy-to-use solution that integrates into your existing ATS and helps you find the right people, in record time. Drive interest with on-brand, intelligent career sites and nurture candidates around the clock with automated candidate engagement. Our powerful CRM helps swiftly identify top talent, while dynamic reports help you improve your approach in real-time to deliver stand-out candidate experiences.

Clinch Employee Connections helps recruitment teams deliver a more authentic candidate experience by connecting candidates to real employees via an AI-powered discussion platform. You can then sit back as your employees create authentic, shareable content that promotes your EVP and drives website visits. You’ll connect interested jobseekers with your brand champions, and give every candidate the personal touch.

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