TalentLink by Cornerstone is being used by some 650+ customers globally and is our next generation recruiting and onboarding platform. The solution is proven to improve recruitment and onboarding efficiency for customers, enabling in house recruitment leaders to provide a responsive, pro-active, professional, user-oriented and efficient resourcing service to their respective businesses.

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) element of TalentLink is at the heart of a highly configurable, modular future proofed solution which has the capability to support all recruiting needs alongside the ability to connect best of breed external solutions.

Recruit to your full potential with Cornerstone. Our TalentLink platform is designed with our users, to support all their recruiting needs. Attracting and engaging the best talent, automating the recruitment workflow, co-ordinating communications and activities, whilst measuring performance in real-time.

TalentLink Campaign is a natively built CRM tool in TalentLink that helps you nurture and convert the best people with the best skills, all whilst saving your recruiters time and improving their efficiency.

Elevate your company to the next level with engaged employees that are productive from day one. Create amazing end-to-end new hire onboarding experiences, with our effective onboarding solutions, designed for today’s paperless digital generation. Allowing you to integrate new hires with ease to your HRIS and maintain new hires desire to work within your organisation.

Create modern, attractive and effective career sites, that take your employer brand to the next level…providing a seamless experience that makes it simple for candidates to explore and apply for the opportunities they are interested in, searching for roles by post code or near me – anywhere, on any device, at any time!

Source allows you identify top talent quickly through powerful search & matching capabilities.

Distribute helps recruiters extend the reach and enhance the quality of their job posts, by providing insight into an extended network of job boards and social media channels. It allows users to quickly and simply assess which networks are most effective, using a range of variables, ultimately leading to better quality candidates matched to the roles.

Video Review
Video Review offers organisations the opportunity to create a personalised candidate experience and easily review a high volume of applicants, at speed…Going beyond the words in a CV – assessing the soft skills and personality traits of candidates that are ordinarily restricted to time-consuming, face-to-face interviews.

Video Brand
Video Brand gives organisations the opportunity to give an authentic glimpse into their company culture, much earlier in the Recruitment Process. Empowering them to enrich their employer brand, by adding select video content onto their career site, job advertisements and social campaigns.

Insight gives you the expertise to unlock the true value from your data. Our solution has been developed from years of experience in recruitment data analysis and with features such as real-time dashboards, tailored reports and interactive filtering, you can predict and make smarter decisions about your talents.


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