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myInterview uses asynchronous video to make the introduction between candidates to employers. The platform enables team collaboration, workflow management and seamless integrations into major HR technology stacks (ATS), saving 75% of time to hire and making myInterview a “no-brainer” solution for 15,000 companies. Over 7,000,000 candidates have already created videos with myInterview for clients such as Ocado, Facebook, Six Flags and Billabong.

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myInterview Rectec
myInterview Rectec
myInterview Rectec
myInterview Rectec
myInterview Rectec

Software Feature Overview

– Premium video interviewing technologies

– Use myInterview for 1st and 2nd stage screening

– Personalised video introductions

– Invite candidates via CSV, email or a shareable link

– Privacy and Security 100% GDPR Compliant

– Shortlist, comment and rate submissions

– Share interviews with clients and receive their feedback

– Integrate into your website and ATS


Allow candidates to showcase their true personalities and have the best experience while applying for their dream job. A positive application process enables you to find genuine people and make the right hire.


Collaborate Effortlessly

Reviewing as a team is as simple as pressing play. Getting to know candidates is now more enjoyable than ever.

Review Together

Create shortlists that are easy to share. Introduce candidates to hiring managers to keep everyone on the same page. Invite hiring managers, co-workers or clients to get to know candidates early in the process.


Passed the one-way video? Proceed with live interviews from myInterview.

Candidates enjoy a fully branded single experience from initial introduction to their final hiring stages. Candidates you would like to meet for a live interview can easily select a time through your personalized calendar link. Record the live interaction and view side-by-side with the initial video. From start to finish, we help you provide the ultimate candidate experience.


Seamlessly integrate myInterview into your system without skipping a beat. Increase the quality and quantity of your talent pool by allowing candidates the option to apply through video directly in your current workflow. We partner with some of the greatest platforms out there, delivering powerful video interviewing capabilities around the world.

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