Creating a world-beating CX requires an intricate balancing of process and personality…and a well chosen CRM!

For some, candidate processes – the diligent movement of candidates through the recruitment funnel, the application of job application processes, paperwork, vetting and representation – stand somewhat apart from the more intangible recruitment “personality”. 

This isn’t done from a place of candidate negligence, but from a place of utility – recruitment is time-sensitive, highly regulated and candidates have a right to be protected, so well-hewn recruitment processes are prioritised at the first instance to guarantee a compliant, legally correct recruitment service.

Diligence vs Personality.

In our view, diligence and relationship building are not mutually exclusive – they can augment and support the other if applied in the right way. 

Getting that balance right takes time, experience, patience, and a unique style of candidate mastery that is both professional and approachable – and what it absolutely needs is clear lines of communication. 

Naturally, not everyone gets this balance right, so what we want to focus on today is how a common digital tool – a recruitment CRM – can be more than a process-led efficiency platform. 

They can be a catalyst to creating a candidate experience that not only meets expectations, but beats expectations. 

The Recruitment CRM basics. 

The fundamental features of a candidate relationship manager are based around digital organisation and automation such as the import of job specifications and job applications into one, easy to access software platform. This allows rapid parsing of job applicant data, and easy manual and/or automation of communication to applicants and clients during an application process.

Despite the whirlwind of technological advancement in AI, automation and employer branding over the last 6 months, these platform basics will not change because they provide a solution to a perennial recruitment issue: the impact of poor communication and poor applicant organisation on recruitment ROI.

When looking at CRM basics through the lens of candidate experience, an effective, well-utilised recruitment CRM provides applicant “workflow” clarity where previously manual processes only add an administrative burden. 

But does every CRM bring balance to the Diligence vs Personality issue? 

Or are CRM’s in the midst of an evolution that will help recruiters thread that important needle?

The CRM of the future. 

CRM providers have been pioneers of AI and automation for many years now. But with the advent of ChatGPT the AI world has changed. 

So where do CRM platforms go now we’re on the path to AGI? The answer lies not in bringing new tools into the CRM toolbox, but using AI to elevate personalisation of services and better automation of processes throughout the recruitment funnel. 

  • “Combining generative AI with CRM allows companies to automate business processes better, develop more personalised communications, and provide customers with the most helpful answers to questions”.

The above quote, from an exhaustive piece by CRM Switch called What is CRM artificial intelligence and what can it do for my business? highlights how leading software providers such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft, Zoho and more are integrating AI into their products. 

From AI customers service assistants to reporting and data analysis, the rapid advancement of the AI field has put a microscope on the data CRM platforms generate, and how better to leverage that data to perfect recruitment solutions for candidates. 

It goes without saying that the recruitment CRM of the future will be a huge boon to HR pros and recruitment agencies focused on improving candidate experience.

But again the question has to be asked – do these new CRM iterations improve only digital hiring processes, or do they augment the personality behind the digital hiring platform?

Using a recruitment CRM the right way. 

Rectec’s own CRM vendors in particular are never ones to shy away from innovation. 

But every new platform feature or process tweak has to consider how it will affect the candidate experience, by rote of the central role a recruitment CRM plays in candidate comms, employer branding and application attraction.

In our view, rigorous platform testing, reviewing and constant process evolution are par for course when it comes to integrating a new CRM into your stack. 

But when it comes to the candidate experience, you need to ask yourself three critical questions:

Does your CRM effectively track candidate interactions?

  • By this we mean does your CRM help you identify and address candidate pain points? Does it help communicate employer positives, and does it provide data on how and where candidates drop out of the recruitment funnel?
  • This is about preparing consultants to be as agile as possible in a fast-changing, candidate-led industry, and how a CRM can help consultants personalise interactions with candidates based on both their own relationship and the shifting, data-led environment of wider applications and historical applications.

Does your recruitment CRM augment, or negatively impact, onboarding?

  • Candidate experiences don’t end when they accept a job – throughout onboarding and over the first few months the best recruiters keep an eye on candidate initiation, training and cultural assimilation to make sure new hires are well placed and happy. 
  • A well-chosen CRM frees up some of that time through communication automation (such as check-ins, performance reviews etc) so recruiters can focus on the human-led aspects of the role like personal integration, L&D and culture fit during onboarding.

Does your CRM allow you to focus on long-term trends?

  • Helping the candidate of today should, in theory, help the candidate of tomorrow. 
  • So the best recruitment CRMs in the business give recruiters access to data that helps identify long-term trends – from sentiment analysis to specific application data like geographical or demographic data – to better recruitment outcomes and improve long-term candidate experiences. 

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