A message from our Founder!

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be a series of quarterly updates on the goings-on at Rectec!

To say Q1 has been a bit of a busy one would be the understatement of the year – we’ve had a NON-STOP few months of new product launches and new vendor partnerships, plus we were over the moon to win our first industry award.

While we may be a plucky start-up, our aspirations are far from small – we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store, but for the time being here is a summary of Q1!

  • We celebrated the first birthday of Rectec Compare on March 1st – our game changing applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM comparison tool has elevated both Rectec and our partners’ brands to thousands of ATS and CRM customers, and our reach is continuing to grow at a pace.
  • We welcomed a host of new vendors into the Rectec partnership fold, including industry stalwarts such as Boxharry, VONQ and Eli Onboarding. We’re also excited to announce a brand-new partnership with Firefish Software, a leading Recruitment CRM solution who joined us right at the very end of the quarter – welcome onboard!
  • We launched Rectec Marketplace – our new offering within Rectec Compare aimed at broadening the service we offer to our clients (this was a huge effort from the team and it looks great! Read more about it here).
  • I was named in the Phoenix51 Most Influential Talent and HR Professionals 2022
  • WE WON OUR FIRST AWARD!!! The Technical Innovation Award at the Onrec Awards 2022. This award recognises Rectec as a leading innovator in the Recruitment and HR industry, and to have the chance to step up and celebrate my company and awesome team to industry peers, and spread the gospel of Rectec, was a huge accolade and a genuine highlight of my career.

Plans for Q2?

Q2 aims are to continue the progress we’ve made so far, keep momentum, and keep working hard. Our services will continue to be marketed far and wide, and we’ll be focussing on building vendor relationships.

The Rectec Compare roadmap is looking very full, and I cannot wait to show you all how we’re continuing to innovate in our niche within the recruitment and HR industry, plus we’ll be launching Rectec Marketplace on the website soon!

So that’s Q1 wrapped!

Onto the next successful quarter, and the future.

Rob Green – Founder and Director