Bobcheck automates the process to track and identify direct hires, flagging missed fee.

Either connect your account to Bullhorn, JobAdder or Vincere through their API, or load last years data through a CSV file.

Go live was February 2022 and since then, bobcheck has identified nearly £1m in missed fees for their clients!

We are currently seeing a 350% ROI on average, with one client seeing 1,200% ROI.

Currently have an API into Bullhorn, with the connection with JobAdder, Tracker, Recruit CRM in development.


Software Feature Overview

User friendly dashboard, with the ability to load a CSV file. Select if you wish for a one off check, track for 6 months or 12 Manually load candidates and companies to track against. Manage suspected direct hires and move them to confirmed.

Software Category

Applicant Tracking Systems

Recruitment CRM

Other Integrations

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