The skills Assessment Solution for every UK Recruiters – eSkill offers a comprehensive range of options suitable for organizations of all sizes and types. It’s the most straightforward and cost-effective method to evaluate a candidate’s abilities. Our extensive library boasts over 500 validated assessments, and you have the flexibility to create custom tests by combining our vast pool of 70,000 questions in any way you prefer.

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Our talent assessment platform is sophisticated yet user-friendly. Simply select the test that matches your specific role and send the candidate the test link. Once they’ve completed the assessment, you’ll receive comprehensive results. Whether you’re evaluating 36, 160, 600, or 6,000 candidates, eSkill is your trusted partner, accommodating various budget constraints and ensuring the candidates you hire possess the required skills.

Here’s why eSkill stands out:
– 500+ tests, including UK-specific assessments, and 1,200 in international format.
– Innovative simulations and traditional questions.
– Situational and behavioural evaluation solutions.
– Outstanding free UK customer support and training.
– Multiple detailed reports and an integrated email client.
– Trusted by 2,450 satisfied clients.
– Achieve a 60% reduction in time-to-hire.
– Consistently rated 10/10 for customer service.
– Transparent and straightforward pricing.
– No subscription or setup fees.

eSkill empowers you to comprehensively assess every candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, supporting your hiring decisions.


Software Feature Overview

The largest, most flexible talent assessment platform:

500 UK Specific tests

  • 1200 International versions
  • More than 70,000 questions, or create your own.
  • Completely control every aspect of your testing process.
  • Behavioural.
  • Situational.
  • Video.

Unlimited FREE UK Support and Training with a dedicated support manager.

Integrate, Standalone or Free API.

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