Quadzu are recognised suppliers of fully integrated business platforms and outsourced solutions and able to develop scalable solutions to meet the needs of any client in any sector.

The Quadzu Workforce Management Platform delivers access to data held within the system via industry leading development standards and market leading secure infrastructure and presents information from Client, Contact and Workforce Records via secure encryption to authenticated users on any device at anytime from anywhere.

The Platform provides transparency of labour supply through an easy-to-use interface and delivers access to a variety of management tools for users to simplify employee, flexible worker and contractor management, provide up to date training and compliance data, deliver cost & administration efficiency and provide business information that informs correct and timely decision making.

The Quadzu Workforce Management Platform is designed to deliver benefits around efficiency, quality and cost savings while managing client needs with a bespoke approach where appropriate. The platform helps clients and approved suppliers to meet the ever-changing challenges of the recruitment sector, provides transparency to manage people and costs and drives best practice to provide clients with the ability to manage workforce requirements proactively and remotely while enabling access to real time data.

This approach allows clients and labour suppliers to view applicant availability and scheduling with time and attendance information and deliver online procurement of labour through a single standardised interface. The platform also allows for control of employee, flexible workers, contractors and sub-contractor hourly activity through a fully manageable Vendor Management System.


Temp/Contractor Client Portal

Temp/Contractor Candidate Portal

Emailable Timesheets

GPS Check in for Candidate

Live Temps Report

Timesheet Export

Timesheet Management

Temp Shift Scheduling

Data Export functionality

Data Import Functionality

Right to Work document collection

Reference Completion Notifications

Temp/Contract Payroll Integration

Other Integration Partners

Data Analytics Integration

Chatbot & AI Integration

Background Checks Integration

Testing & Assessments Integration

Video Interviewing Integration

Online Testing Integration

Marketing & Media integration

Other Candidate Apply Options

Other Job Boards

Other Social Channels

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