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AER Temp is a temporary staffing platform powering agencies and direct employers temporary recruitment needs. AER Temp has evolved to incorporate all the features required to Attract, Engage and Retain a temp workforce including a client and candidate portal and candidate native app, configured and branded for each client. AER Temp technology was originally built for a locum pharmacy agency in 2017. When the technology was introduced, the agency had 8,000 candidates in their marketplace. Today they have over 30,000 and recently won the ‘Best Agency Online’ at the ERF awards in Ireland. The AER Temp technology was pivotal in helping this agency grow over 400% and win this award. As a result AER Temp was spun out as a standalone business in early 2023 to help other companies achieve similar results. Since launch we have partnered with various agencies across multiple industries and have developed unique features as a result. For childcare, we created the ability for candidates to choose their availability by the hour, for sales roles we added the ability for sales commission to be added to a daily digital timesheet. For hospitality we added the ability to post multi-candidate shifts making the ability to find multiple people for a single shift much quicker. Healthcare has had numerous new features developed across various areas including compliance and shift management. A key recent feature is the ability for multiple rates to be automatically applied to a single shift. This feature makes adding complex shifts very easy and removes any chance of manual mistakes when posting such shifts. With over 150 configurable automatic notifications, clients average a 60% reduction in time to fill a shift, meaning a recruiter can focus on filling more shifts and driving revenue.

AER Temp RectecAER Temp RectecAER Temp Rectec
AER Temp Rectec
AER Temp Rectec
AER Temp Rectec
AER Temp Rectec
AER Temp Rectec

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