We all know the challenges around manual processes. Not only does manual data entry and record management take up valuable time, but when human error creeps in, it’s far too easy for mistakes to be made. Then with the cost of training and potential delays due to resource, it can be very easy for data slip down the to-do list – rendering your CRM or ATS pointless.

This is where Boxharry can help . For the last 20 years, Boxharry has been developing solutions, automations and integrations that make your technology work for you. From integrating web application with CRM and Applicant Tracking Systems, to building custom applications for you to easily capture data that will integrate directly with your technology, we can support all aspects of web development and integration making your processes simple and your applicant journey seamless.

If you’d like to take the next step to making life that much easier, get in touch.

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