EVA-REC is an end-to-end hiring solution, it helps you automate the entire hiring cycle from requisition to onboarding and utilizes the power of modern Artificial intelligence. EVA-REC is a cohesive suite of different tools that help you manage all hiring processes and view detailed reports that offer valuable insights. EVA-REC automates hiring workflows, eliminates admin tasks and helps you achieve all your hiring goals.


Internal Candidate Portal

External Candidate Portal

Corporate Branding

Employee Referral Portal

Agency/Vendor Portal

Redeployment Portal

Dedicated Onboarding Portal

User Level Dashboard Customization

Hiring Manager Self Service

Recruiter Dashboard

Dashboard Analytics

Task Management/Scheduling

Candidate Portal Domain

Careers Site Integration

Direct Job Board Posting

Social Media Posting

Other Social Channels

Other Job Boards

Other Candidate Apply Options

HRIS Systems

Online Testing & Assessment tools

Video Interviewing tools

Background Checking tools

Chatbot & AI tools

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