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Skills Testing for UK Recruiters – With options for every size and type of organisation, eSkill is the easiest and most cost-effective way to prove a candidate’s abilities. With 500 validated assessments in the library, plus the ability to combine our 70,000 questions in any way you wish for your custom tests. Phone 020 8416 0341 or email [email protected] to change how you assess candidates today. Book a meeting
Our talent assessment platform is sophisticated yet straightforward; select the test you need for your role and send the candidate the link. Then, when they have taken it, you get detailed results. It is the best choice for recruiters whether you are assessing 36, 160, 600 or 6,000; whatever your budget, you can depend on eSkill to ensure that the candidates you appoint have the skills you need.
500+ tests – with UK-specific testing, 1200 International format.
Ground-breaking simulations and great classic questions.
Situational and Behavioural solutions
Fantastic free UK support and Training
Multiple detailed reports, inbuilt email client
2450 happy clients
Reduce time to hire by 60%
10/10 customer service
Straight forward pricing
No subscription or set-up charges
Be confident that you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of every candidate.

eSkill UK RecteceSkill UK RecteceSkill UK Rectec
eSkill UK Rectec
eSkill UK Rectec
eSkill UK Rectec
eSkill UK Rectec
eSkill UK Rectec

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