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JobDiva, the leading global ATS / CRM, is delivered to clients via the cloud. JobDiva stands as the top-tier ATS, defining the path of innovation in staffing technology.

JobDiva’s Information and Business Development Systems:

Developed by thought leaders, staffing visionaries and veteran system architects, JobDiva has been outfitted with the most advanced CRM technology on the market, including data-rich dashboards, contact tracking, BI suites, communications automation tools and more. With a nonstop waterfall of brand-new enhancements, JobDiva’s innovators ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Plus, with comprehensive support and trainings for new features, JobDiva ensures you’re briefed on the latest large releases. Never think, ‘But how does this work?’ again. JobDiva has your back; including with training upon request, and scheduled sessions.

The Power of an All-in-One Staffing CRM Platform:

CRM technology should focus around streamlining, seamlessness, and efficiency. JobDiva’s CRM modules do exactly that, cutting down on time and raising growth capacity for enterprises across multiple verticals.

With frequent enhancements, rolled out instantly to all users, and wraparound support and training, JobDiva represents the pinnacle of staffing technology. There’s a reason why JobDiva has been named #1 Top 20 Staffing Software by G2.

JobDiva CRM RectecJobDiva CRM RectecJobDiva CRM Rectec
JobDiva CRM Rectec
JobDiva CRM Rectec
JobDiva CRM Rectec
JobDiva CRM Rectec
JobDiva CRM Rectec

Temp/Contractor Client Portal

Temp/Contractor Candidate Portal

Emailable Timesheets

GPS Check in for Candidate

Live Temps Report

Timesheet Export

Timesheet Management

Temp Shift Scheduling

Data Export functionality

Data Import Functionality

Right to Work document collection

Reference Completion Notifications

Temp/Contract Payroll Integration

Other Integration Partners

Data Analytics Integration

Chatbot & AI Integration

Background Checks Integration

Testing & Assessments Integration

Video Interviewing Integration

Online Testing Integration

Other Candidate Apply Options

Other Job Boards

Other Social Channels

Social Media Posting

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