Occupop Rectec

Occupop is a modern applicant tracking system that utilises AI & automation technology to help In house HR & Recruitment teams spend less time on admin tasks and more time speaking with suitable candidates

Occupop RectecOccupop RectecOccupop Rectec
Occupop Rectec
Occupop Rectec
Occupop Rectec
Occupop Rectec
Occupop Rectec

Internal Candidate Portal

External Candidate Portal

Corporate Branding

Employee Referral Portal

Agency/Vendor Portal

Redeployment Portal

Dedicated Onboarding Portal

User Level Dashboard Customization

Hiring Manager Self Service

Recruiter Dashboard

Dashboard Analytics

Task Management/Scheduling

Candidate Portal Domain

Careers Site Integration

Direct Job Board Posting

Social Media Posting

Other Social Channels

Other Job Boards

Other Candidate Apply Options

HRIS Systems

Online Testing & Assessment tools

Video Interviewing tools

Background Checking tools

Chatbot & AI tools

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