Recrout Rectec

With Recrout’s innovative recruitment platform, you easily create culture profiles and job profiles on which you can automatically match all applicants and predict the best hires based on skills. Competencies are central to this.

This way you always have a uniform and objective recruitment process that leads to the best match for the short AND long term.

We are Europe’s first skills based ATS with a 100% integrated assessment module. Our ATS not only easily implements selection assessments into your process, it also gives you access to more than 2500 paid job boards and media channels worldwide. With our adnavced multi jobposter we help you boost your jobmarketing campagnes and automate the hard work for you.

Recrout RectecRecrout RectecRecrout Rectec
Recrout Rectec
Recrout Rectec
Recrout Rectec
Recrout Rectec
Recrout Rectec

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