ThriveMap creates personalized, realistic “day-in-the-life” pre-hire assessments that reduce attrition and streamline the hiring process. Unlike other assessment types, they take candidates through a virtual job tryout to assess more accurately and manage candidate expectations.

ThriveMap assessments are used primarily for high-volume, frontline hiring as a replacement for CV sifting and candidate screening. They are proven to reduce new hire attrition by communicating role realities early to candidates in the hiring process, enabling self-de-selection. As realistic job assessments are more predictive than CV reviews or generic pre-employment tests, they are proven to increase the quality of candidates in the hiring funnel for selection.


Software Feature Overview

Set-up features

  • Job Analysis tool
  • Ideal candidate profile design
  • Bespoke assessment design

Software features

  • Unlimited candidates test
  • Unlimited admin users
  • Custom logos, colours and branding
  • Custom subdomains and emails and web hosting
  • Customised, structured interview reports
  • Automatic, branded email reminders
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Candidate experience tracking
  • Highly secure, two-factor authentication
  • Data exports

Software Category

Applicant Tracking Systems

Recruitment CRM

Other Integrations

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