Many organisations use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help their team manage all aspects of the recruitment cycle. From screening candidates to scheduling interviews, an ATS allows you freedom to optimise your time and focus only on the candidates that best match your job requirements.

While each ATS solution offers varying features, Applicant Tracking Systems are primarily used to help organisations navigate and quickly organise large numbers of applicants. Integrated tools such as CV screening, automated communication and electronic handling of candidate references, compliance and vast volumes of data, makes an ATS a go-to software solution for many organisations looking to streamline their hiring process.

If you’re still left wondering how an ATS can be the making of an effective and successful talent acquisition process, we have compiled a list of important reasons why you should consider taking the leap (if you haven’t already).

1. Improve quality of hire

Having the ability to better screen and qualify candidates will ultimately have a positive impact on your quality of hire. If your job ad elicits hundreds of applicants, your ATS plays a huge role in narrowing down your talent pool by sifting through under qualified candidates. It will also move those that are more suitable down the recruitment process for you, saving your hiring team so much valuable time.

2. Reduce your hiring costs

Through a combination of recruitment process improvements and building a talent pool, an ATS will support your direct sourcing strategies, reducing the reliance on external agencies. Although widely recognised as a necessity in some cases, in-direct sourcing can be an expensive option which can be reduced or removed, by building and engaging with your own talent pools. Sophisticated reporting capabilities can also be leveraged to provide vital data and metrics, to minimise costs and direct your spend towards sources providing the best value for money.

3. Speed up your hiring process

Time is money! An ATS is designed to automate, simplify and speed up the entire recruitment process. It will help your team reduce the time to hire and result in a strategy that is more productive and time-efficient. Manual tasks that would require hours of work like sifting through hundreds of CVs, checking references, communicating with and engaging candidates, can all be done automatically, saving valuable time.

4. Create an engaging experience for your candidates

Due to the impact of Covid-19 and the turbulent nature of 2020, creating a great candidate experience has become more important than ever. If your candidate does not feel valued, their negative feedback may put other candidates off from applying for your roles. Delivering a more modern and engaging recruitment process will not only add value to your organisation, it will create a heightened candidate experience too. Automated communication, done in the right way, will ensure you provide a compelling and engaging application experience, and that your organisation doesn’t fall victim to leaving candidates in the dark at any stage of the recruitment process. Candidates may become tired or frustrated when waiting for a response and potentially get snapped up by a competitor whilst you’re frantically relying on manual processing.

5. Enhance your employer brand 

Better candidate experience will also reflect well on your employer brand and mean that your candidates are less likely to drop out during the hiring process. Using an ATS to streamline your talent acquisition strategy will enhance the candidate journey whilst enabling you to promote your organisation throughout their experience. This is important when you’re competing against other companies for highly skilled candidates.

These are just a handful of benefits to highlight some of the reasons why an Applicant Tracking System is an important tool for your organisation. If you’re looking for your perfect ATS, then we can help.

How can we help?

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Rob Green, Founder & Director, Rectec.

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