With recruitment being such a busy and challenging industry to work in, you inevitably need to juggle a range of different tasks.

There are many tools that recruiters can use to make their lives a little easier, but which are the most important to ensure you get the most out of your day?

These are some of the top tools’ recruiters should consider using as part of their day-to-day routine.

Recruitment Tech

Using a CRM or ATS is non-negotiable these days, it is essential that you have some form of recruitment tech in place, otherwise you will end up wasting time on tedious tasks. A Recruitment CRM is often used by recruitment consultants to help them manage their day-to-day relationships with clients and candidates. It is also often used for succession planning so that recruiters have quick and easy access to data for their future recruitment needs. An Applicant Tracking System, on the other hand, is typically more workflow driven, and used by in-house recruiters for the automation of recruitment tasks, which can help to reduce time on tedious tasks, such as screening and filtering CVs and communicating to large volumes of applicants. There are very few recruiters not using some form of recruitment tech these days, and it is also vital to ensure you choose the right option to suit your needs.

Mobile Recruiting Tools

Just as the name would suggest, mobile recruiting simply means recruiting via a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Mobile recruiting is one of the top trends for 2021, and it is hardly surprising since we have an average daily screen time of 2 hours and 24 minutes. Mobile recruiting tools come in many forms, and these are worth considering as part of your recruitment strategy. For instance, using chatbots, text-to-apply campaigns, virtual interviews, and job fairs and using a direct messaging facility, such as WhatsApp to contact candidates. It is also vital that your website is mobile-friendly.

Candidates are moving away from communication via desktops or laptops, they want to do as much as possible on their phones, while they are on the go. This needs to be incorporated into your recruitment strategy.

Instant Messaging

It is also important to have some form of an instant messaging facility to use in-house, to communicate with colleagues. More people than ever before are working remotely or utilising hybrid working, and as such, there needs to be a facility to allow you to communicate quickly with colleagues, on their mobile.

Video Interviewing

The pandemic forced recruiters to implement video interviewing. Something that before Covid, wasn’t utilised as much as was predicted. Video conferencing company Zoom benefited hugely from the pandemic and the fact that face-to-face meetings were impossible to do safely, with shares increasing from $167m to a staggering $777m in just one year. Video interviewing tools are essential for recruiters, even post-pandemic.

Job Sites

Access to job sites such as CV Library, is, of course, imperative for a recruiter, but it also needs to be the right job site. Don’t just dive in headfirst to a job site that seems popular, make sure it is fit for purpose first, just like you would do when choosing an ATS or CRM. Ask for a trial of the job site first and make sure you get the right applications before you decide on which option to go for.

Sourcing Tools

In addition to job sites, you may also want to use other sourcing tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter. It is good to use a combination of both advertising and headhunting, so a mix of options is always worthwhile considering.

Testing and Assessment

There are lots of options for assessing and testing candidates before you decide whether to take them forward to the next stage, and this is worth considering as part of your recruitment strategy. Using testing and assessment can often help ensure you don’t make the wrong hiring decisions, which can be detrimental and costly to your business.


With recruiters juggling so many tasks at the same time, it is important to carefully manage your productivity. There are lots of productivity tools out there (too many to mention in this blog!), and you can use the option that offers you the best functionality for what you want to achieve. It can be easy to get distracted and not tracking your time can result in failing to achieve your goals. Productivity is key in any role and managing this will be sure to improve your success.

Review Websites

How do you improve your recruitment success rate without monitoring employee feedback? The answer is, you don’t, and this is something that many recruiters fail to do. Make sure you have access to review websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed to get a clear understanding of what candidates think of your process. This is valuable information that you can use to make positive changes to the recruitment process.


In addition to review websites, you may also want to send our surveys to candidates asking them their opinions of the recruitment process, so that you can make positive changes. Without feedback, you can never improve and there are many free survey websites out there, such as SurveyMonkey. If you take just one nougat of advice from this blog, it should be that you need to ensure you have recruitment tech in place to improve your efficiency as a recruiter.

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